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Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu Hardy - 08/09/2008
Jamsi has the instructions over at Jigsaw Boys...

Installing Google Chrome on Ubuntu Hardy

Set the timezone permanently in Redhat Linux - 08/12/2006
Google this and you'll probably find guides telling you to do things like create a symlink from /etc/localtime, pointing to /usr/share/zoneinfo/.

That is correct, and works nicely, until you run up2date and one of the packages you upgrade happens to revert the system back to your previous timezone.

The trick is to...
32 bit Debian Linux Userspace with Custom 64bit AMD64 kernel - 07/11/2006
I had to install 32bit Debian GNU/Linux on an AMD Opteron 64bit system recently, and it was not quite as straightforward as it may seem to get it running with a custom 64-bit kernel, so hopefully these instructions will save you some time and mucking about.

The reason I needed the...
Disable System Beep in VMWARE - 11/08/2006
If you, like me, can't stand that obnoxious system beep in VMWare and have discovered that you can't cut speaker wires inside a VM, you will probably appreciate this tip. Add the following line to your preferences file (~/.vmware/preferences on linux, preferences.ini on windows):

mks.noBeep = TRUE

Now your internal speaker will...
Linux heartbeat hiccups - 08/08/2006
I installed a pair of clustered debian linux servers today, using the heartbeat package for failover management. I had a couple of problems (which were both my own fault) which caused the master node to keep taking over without telling the slave to shut down resulting in both machines trying...
Promote a Domain Controller over an IPSEC VPN - Kerberos over tcp - 15/05/2006
Over the weekend I was involved in Joining a Windows 2003 server in the US to our domain here in Sydney over an IPSEC VPN. Due to MTU limitations imposed by the T1 connection, and the additional overhead of the ipsec encryption, it seemed that machines could join the domain,...
Make SSH run on multiple ports - 1 comments 09/05/2006
At some stage you may find that you need to run the ssh daemon on multiple ports, for example so that you can have it accessable on the normal port 22 from the internal network, but obscure it from outside snoopers by running it also on a second port,...